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Flawless, natural designs are created for ease, impact and polish.
From the boardroom to the ballroom or the garden to the grocer - variety without excessive fuss magnifies personality and charm for any occasion - business or pleasure.
Junior Miss makeover, red hair makeover shardan-apr-10-2004045.jpg black business makeup, fresh, natural,
Airbrush, mineral, traditional
 it clears the canvas for the finishing touches

My Faves
MAC Face & Body
Makeup Forever HD
My Faves
Cluster lashes at the ends and Gel Liner thinly applied on upper lid & shadow under lower lashes.
Balm for Bizz
Gloss for Glam
Luscious Lips
My Fave
Maybelline Superstay
Lashes & Liner
Less is more
match under- tone with lips & ensemble
My Faves
MAC Prism
Nars Orgasm great with
warm or cool tones
shardan-apr-10-2004039.jpg Young business makeup and hairstyling
My Faves
Bisque on lid, taupe in crease & dark brown along lash line
shardan-apr-10-2004036.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004035.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004034.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004033.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004032.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004031.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004030.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004029.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004028.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004027.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004026.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004025.jpg
shardan-apr-10-2004023.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004022.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004021.jpg shardan-apr-10-2004020.jpg
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