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For thinning hair - especially at the crown or around the hair line and in the front where parts make thinning more obvious - there is help.

Ring your hands and gnash your teeth no further. The wonder products "Toppik", (Hollywood's best secret) or "Boom Boom Hair" actually eliminates the contrast between your hair and scalp illuminating a fuller head of hair.
Those with Rapunzel locks are blessed with thick, luscious tresses that do just what's desired. And if not, there is an array of products to smooth, brighten and control.

Extensions, wigs, synthetic hair scrunchies or pony tails and a variety of postiches are terrific for adding volume, length and versatility.

But, for hair loss due to stress, medications, alopecia (bald spots), chemotherapy, radiation or patterned baldness there is also an assortment of options.
Hair for film or stage often requires the assistance of wigs and hair pieces for period and character looks or to camouflage a variety of hair difficulties. But for the unforgiving magic of HDTV, literally every hair needs to be groomed and placed. Essentially HD stands for "Hair Disaster" when not attended to.
Thin Hair Solutions
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No matter what the event or purpose in creating a look for your locks, proportion and balance, even for asymmetrical looks, are essential to achieve a pleasing result. Use a three way mirror to guarantee a pleasing symmetry for every angle.
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HDTV Requres Perfect Hair Grooming
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