Whatever message we're offering is greatly augmented with premium packaging - great makeup, grooming and hairstyling. Well-balanced hair and symmetrical facial features do more for your image than the misconception that excessive makeup, none at all, or a good suit is all that's necessary.

Men gain considerably when they utilize this aspect of their image - and women also benefit when their presence is noticed, not their gender.
Whether for business, media, political, celebrity or personal needs, external packaging is not relegated to women. Symmetry and balance is key.

Television, film or stage often requires a different approach. And HDTV and other digital media is proving to be exciting and challenging requiring advanced tools, products and skills honed on new and revamped traditional techniques.
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Stage requires a heavier contoured and highlighted approach, while bridal works best with a lighter hand using long wearing products. And photography often requires products to be changed easily yet still look flawless and natural unless its fashion forward requiring more intensity and flair.
Airbrush (although not essential) and some mineral or dual powders without light reflectors favour the special air like quality required for HDTV. And of course good brow grooming, correct balance of lashes and lips, realistic colouring, and supreme attention to detail, brings everything together for a solid yet flawless look for this unforgiving yet spectactular medium.
A book is judged by its cover and isn't gender specific. 55% of the impressions we make are linked with how we look, and our confidence and success is directly related to those external expressions.
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HDTV, Film, Stage
Specialized and readily available products go a long way to camouflage vascular birthmarks (port wine stains), Vitiligo (loss of pigment), surgical recoveries or injuries improving self esteem and equalizing opportunities for success.
Temporary tatoos are great for film or stage characters - or fun with friends - plus they're waterproof and can last a few days. Alternatively you can cover real ones for those special occasions with the right product and application techniques.
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Camouflage - Corrective
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Other Services
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