Evil Queen, female vampire character underground railway character makeup before & after building full head of hair after underground railway character makeup before & after building black male gray hair before Santa & Elf, Air Farce Christmas Special traditional santa claus character after Elf after makeup female Santa helper promotion after Leonardo diVinci character after Sharon doing character makeup male & female vampire characters Santa's Elf Makeup navel officer character after Evil Queen, Disney wicket queen character makeup building black male gray hair after navel officer character before Painted eagle tatoo for Alan Park Character on Air Farce female Santa helper promotion before
Fictional and period characters are created for TV or Stage performance, private functions and entertainment pleasure.
Sharon Danley with moustaches, side burns & eyebrows for Hockey documentary Roger Abbot as old english lady character building full head of hair before Leonardo diVinci character before Traditional Santa Claus character before shardan-apr-10-2009035.jpg
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