Long & Lovely
Short & Sassy
Extensions, Wigs and Clip-ons add length, volume and work miracles for any special day.
All hair types can be managed with quick and easy styling techniques for refinement, variety and fun.
sharon teaching hairstyling for makeup artists classic angular bob classic curly angular bob short spike feathered hairstyle Classic hollywood loose chignon or bun solft curled short swepted back hairstyle black soft curl hairstyle soft curl short swept back hairstyle razored softly layered haircut profile razored softly layered haircut extremely long indian hair updo with hair extensions softly curled back length hairstlye back view long curly pony tail look hairstyle curly side pony tail half up softly spiked layered hairstyle softly curled back length hairstlye long massive curl hairstyle half up shoulder length with front ropes curly side pony tail half up with outter layers curled fashion hair half curled half braided hairstyle shardan-apr-10-2012035.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012033.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012032.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012031.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012030.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012029.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012028.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012027.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012026.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012025.jpg
shardan-apr-10-2012023.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012022.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012021.jpg shardan-apr-10-2012020.jpg
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