Asian male airbrush makeup
Male Grooming
Proportion, balance and even skin tone aren't gender specific. Reframing so the focus stays on the eyes and charisma produce a sharp and powerful presence that's always "media ready".
Kurt Browning, Marc Kelley, Battle of the Blades vintage character makeup & hairstyle male makeover airbrush makeup mature male makeover after male makeover before mature male makeover before Young male makeover Tie Domi battle of the blades promo Young male before makeover black male airbrush makeup Adrian Mainella, Fashion File shardan-apr-10-2007040.jpg
Black Mail Airbrushed makeup Black Male before grooming male makeover with airbrush shardan-apr-10-2007035.jpg Robert Herjevac, Dragon's Den, Shark Tank Andrew Poje, Champion Pairs Figure Skater shardan-apr-10-2007032.jpg shardan-apr-10-2007031.jpg shardan-apr-10-2007030.jpg shardan-apr-10-2007029.jpg shardan-apr-10-2007028.jpg shardan-apr-10-2007027.jpg shardan-apr-10-2007026.jpg shardan-apr-10-2007025.jpg
shardan-apr-10-2007023.jpg shardan-apr-10-2007022.jpg shardan-apr-10-2007021.jpg shardan-apr-10-2007020.jpg
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