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Some folks are blessed with thick, luscious hair that does just what’s desired. But many guys and gals have a variety of hair problems and challenges requiring a little expert help.
But - what to do for hair loss due to stress, medications, alopecia (bald spots), chemotherapy, radiation, male and female pattern baldness or thinning hair - especially at the crown, temples or in the front where parts make thinning more obvious?

Well ring your hands and gnash your teeth no further. There is a wonder product that actually eliminates the contrast between your hair and scalp illuminating a fuller head of hair.

Extensions. scrunchies, toupees and hair pieces are terrific for adding volume and length.
Its Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret – Toppik

with Sharon Danley or Brides Beautiful
Now anyone can benefit from the confidence of natural, thicker looking hair - for any occasion. The technology is here and Sharon Danley and Brides Beautiful brings it to you - complimentary! At last, fuller looking hair can be achieved for a more relaxed, confident and more handsome or beautiful you.
For spots where there is absolutely no hair – use eyeshadow and eyeliner sealant (Cinema Secrets) applied with a flat edged angle brush in feather like strokes – and its water resistant.

ColourPack Colour Touchup (available at Delination or online) – or gel liner (MAC Fluidline, Bobby Brown Gel Liner) for root showing emergencies. And you can always use that old mascara trick if you don’t have these options readily available.
From Short & Sassy - to Long & Lovely - to Bald & Beautiful
long curly hairstyle with extensions before long curly hairstyle with extensions after
With Sharon, You Experience the Best Tools, Know-how & Attention to Detail
female hair after toppik filler female hair before toppik filler
Toppik is a complex of tiny microfibres made of the same organic Keratin protein as real hair that blend with your own locks and transform the thin, colourless, vellus hairs (peach fuzz) into fuller looking tresses before your eyes. Charged with static electricity, they bond securely so they stay in place all day and night even through the strongest wind or hardest rain.
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male before and after toppik male before and after toppik female hair after toppik filler female hair before toppik filler demonstrating toppik hair filler female hair before toppik filler updo with hair scrunchies before updo with hair scrunchies after
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