Mary Walsh - Writer, Comedienne (personal when in Toronto)
Alan Park - Comedian (personal)
Don Ferguson, Roger Abbot, Luba Goy, Alan Park, Jessica Holmes,
     Craig Luzon, Penelope Corrin - Air Farce
Steven Sabados, Chris Hyndman - Steven & Chris
David Suzuki - The Nature of Things
Diana Swain - CBC News
Wendy Mesley - Venture & Market Place
Sook Yin Lee - CBC Radio, Vancouver
Carol McNeil, Evan Soloman - Sunday Report
Hana Gartner, Gillian Findlay - Fifth Estate
George Stromboulopoulos - The Hour
Rex Murphy - Writer, Broadcaster
Moses Znaimer - City TV Founder & Exec Producer
Gordon Pinsent - Actor, Writer
Rick Mercer - Comedian, The Mercer Report
Ralph Benmergui - Host
Sandra Shamas - Comedienne
Ron James - Comedian
Shaun Majumder - Comedian
Gavin Crawford - Comedian, 22 Minutes
Geri Hall - Comedian, 22 Minutes
Adrian Minela - Fashion File
Burton Cummings - Singer, Songwriter
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Selected Clients
Brenda Hollister, Bus Mgr
CIBC Mortgages
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"I have access to a lot of artists, but the special needs of this project concerned me. You really delivered Sharon! Great work - especially on transforming the wig and achieving exactly the look we were going for. Many thanks."
Gerard Bueche
Design Mgr & Creative Dir
CBC - Toronto Centre
shardan-apr-10-2019048.jpg Odette Gough, CBC Anchor Mary Walsh,  comedienne, writer, director, 22 minutes CBC Kids Diane Swain, CBC News Beijing Olympics, CBC Torch promo
Celebrities & Media
Hana Gartner
"Anxiety about my appearance is my number one concern with working on television, but you completely removed that anxiety, and it was so pleasurable and fun to work with you. You are brilliant!”
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Ron MacLean - Hockey
Don Cherry - Hockey
Darryl Sittler - Hockey
Bobby Orr - Hockey
Lanny McDonald - Hockey
Mark Messier - Hockey
Tie Domi - Hockey Star
Silken Laumann - Olympic Champion
Brian Williams - Sports
Sandra Bezic - Battle of the Blades
Brian Mulroney
David Miller - Toronto Mayor
Deborah Gray - Former Reform MPP & Speaker
Janet Ecker - Former Minister of Health
Dalton McGuinty - Ontario Premier
Bob Rae - MP Toronto Centre
Raminder Gill - Former MPP
Jack Layton - Leader NDP
CIBC & CIBC Mortgages Canada
Royal Bank
Canada Trust
Amex Canada
Corrections Canada
Durham Board of Education
Elizabeth Hunt & Associates
George Brown College
Investors Group
The Weather Network
Toronto District School Board
Young Presidents Association
Glaxo Wellcome
John Roth - Nortel
Joe Rotman - Rotman School of Business
John Cassaday - Corrus Entertainment
Annette Verschuren - President, Home Depot
Glen Specht Photography
"“Thank you so much for all the great tips today and the great look for my promo shots. I’ll certainly keep in touch.”
Shae-Lynn Bourne,
Battle of the Blades
Figure Skating Medalist
“We so appreciate all the work you did with us these past few weeks (and seasons) on Steven and Chris and hope that we'll be seeing you soon. Thanks again, Sharon.”
Krista Look, Sr. Producer
Steven & Chris
Daphne Gordon,
Shop 411TV
Writer, Toronto Star
"I can't do what I do until you do what you do. I respect the hell out of you and hope to work with you again, and again and again."
Alan Park, Air Farce Live
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Other Services
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shardan-apr-10-2019005.jpg shardan-apr-10-2019004.jpg shardan-apr-10-2019003.jpg shardan-apr-10-2019002.jpg shardan-apr-10-2019001.jpg